AVG Antivirus Tips and Tricks for Better Use

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Tip1. Remove viruses automatically while scanning your PC and USB drive

By default automatic healing of viruses is not enabled in AVG Antivirus, we need to enable it in order to make the process automatic. This will save time as your cooperation isn’t required while examining your PC or USB drives to remove viruses found during the scan.

To enable automatic healing of the virus

Open AVG user interface> Tools> Scan> enable automatic heal/remove viruses from predefined scan items on the left side by selecting them individually. Enabling USB drive/media scan also very important as AVG Antivirus effectively removes USB drive automatically quickly.

Tip2. Update AVG

Ensure AVG antivirus is up to date to detect and clear latest viruses automatically. You can update AVG antivirus by clicking “update now” in AVG UI (user interface).

Tip3. Update AVG Offline

To protect your PC from the latest viruses, AVG antivirus should be updated at regular intervals. If you don’t have internet connection, you can download virus definitions and update AVG antivirus offline.

Tip4. Clearing infections in Virus vault

All those viruses which are not deleted by AVG will be sent “Virus vault”.

To clean all viruses from the Virus Vault

Open AVG user interface>History>Virus Vault, select all infections and click “empty vault”.

Tip5. Shutdown your PC consequently after full PC scan

On an end of the week you decided to scan your full hard drive (ensure you took after Tip1), however stressed it may take long time and requires your presence, don’t worry you can set AVG to shut down your PC automatically after the full computer scan.

Tip6. Delete AVG’s temporary update files

By default, temporary update files of AVG stays on your hard unless you clear them, these temporary update files have no importance you can erase them safely.

Just open the AVG user interface>Tools>advanced settings> in the left pane, select Update and select Manage by expanding it on the right pane then click “delete AVG temporary update files”.

If you need any king of support or assistance related to AVG Antivirus, just call AVG Antivirus Support Number 1-888-583-4008 for immediate help.

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